Paint Protection

The New Generation of Paint Protection Technology are window films known by common names such as ClearBra, Invisible Shield, ClearMask, and XPEL. These protection films are completely clear to the naked eye, but they deflect rocks and road debris from damaging your vehicle. More articles and tips on these cutting edge products below.

Helping you making a decision on various paint protection options from ClearBra to XPEL.
SnapTint Window Tint is an affordable way to DIY tint your car or home.

Top quality SolarGard HP film, pre-cut to fit your windows and include a Lifetime Warranty.

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TintCenter Window Tint Store
Professional quality ASWF, SolarGard, SunTek, and TintCenter brand window films. Full Rolls or Partial Rolls available.
  • Dual Reflective Quality
  • High Heat Rejection
  • Specs and Color Samples

    Quickly look up film specifications and color samples for window film brands. Our window film samples contains 10 brands and over 400 individual films.

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