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Owned by Erickson International, ASWF (American Standard Window Film) creates full lines of window film for automotive and architectural needs. As an up-and-comer in the window film world, ASWF is focused on quality and is a leader in manufacturing with a new factory in Las Vegas, NV.

ASWF Window Tint has 15 total film series that TC Window Film Catalog has archived.

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 Price   Type   Warranty   Description 
Dimension $$$$ Nano Lifetime Dimension? uses the latest generation ceramic nano-particulate technology which delivers a spectrally selective product with high heat rejection while remaining nearly ...

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Excel $$ Dyed Lifetime The Excel series surpasses as a non-reflective film. A black color stable dyed film that gives the consumer and the professional a durable choice for a lifetime.

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Impulse $$$ Hybrid Lifetime The Impulse series is a high performance film comprised of a color ? stable charcoal film and a reflective metallized layer that delivers good looks and comfort.

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Legend $$$$ Spectral Lifetime Utilizing the latest technology in spectrally selective materials and Titanium Nitrite sputtering processes. Superior solar heat rejection, over 99% UV blocking and ...

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Metallic $$$ Metallic Lifetime The Metallic series is a metallic automotive film that provides maximum heat rejection and a rich, glossy look. An unparalleled lifetime warranty means this film will look ...

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Performer $$$ Hybrid Lifetime The Performer series does just that ? it performs. A high-performance auto film with a color-stable non-reflective dyed film, and a layer of metalized film, this series ...

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Retro $$ Dyed 5 Years The Retro series celebrates the nostalgic style of the past, with advancements for today! A non-reflective film with classic looks, it offers cutting-edge technological ...

Film Specs and Color Samples

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 Price   Type   Warranty   Description 
Daydream $$$ Dual reflective Lifetime The Daydream series is a dual reelective lm designed specifically for the residential market. is series of films reduces solar heat gain and cuts annoying glare while ...

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Firewall $$$$ Nano Lifetime Firewall is a 2-ply, 1.5 mil film laminate that utilizes the latest generation of exceptionally stable ceramic nano-particulate technology and installs with a clear dry ...

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Horizon $$$ Metallic Lifetime The Horizon series unites two worlds ? science and art. This bronze film provides unparalleled heat rejection, while providing a warm look reminiscent of sunset?s glow.

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Illusion $$$ Dual reflective Lifetime Illusion is a dual reflective film that creates the affect of a one-way mirror, given the proper lighting, allowing a person to be undetected while viewing into an adjoining ...

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Moonlight $$$ Privacy Lifetime To maximize privacy and minimize overbearing light, just add Moonlight. This film provides an ultra level of sunlight blockage

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Nature $$$ Metallic Lifetime The Nature series provides a neutral, natural view. This sputtered film offers exceptional clarity and low reflectivity. The result is superior performance without any ...

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Reflection $$ Metallic Lifetime For heat and sunlight problems, the Reflection series offers extreme relief. This film provides the ultimate performance in rejection.

Film Specs and Color Samples

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Sky $$ Dual reflective Lifetime The Sky series diminishes glare inside and out. This dual reflective film provides ultra-low reflectivity in low-light conditions. The dual nature also performs year-round, ...

Film Specs and Color Samples

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