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With over a decade in the window film industry, we have worked with almost all the big and small companies that sell tinting films. Our extensive database compiles over 10 manufacturers and 200+ different window film series.

We recommend the products from: ASWF, SolarGard, and SunTek. Our experience with these major window tint brands has been top rate over many years. They honor their warranties and their window film lines has been steadily improving to suit the needs of professionals and consumers alike.

Click on the brand for detailed breakdown of their current and past lines of window film, detailed specifications, and even color sample.

Major Brands ?Description
ASWF Window Films Logo ASWF American Standard Window Film has its factory in Las Vegas, Nevada. The companies leadership team comes from all corners of the industry. They create high quality competitive window films for all needs.

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Solar Gard Window Films Logo SolarGard SolarGard is an industry leader in the professional grade solar control, safety and security window films.

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Suntek Window Films Logo Suntek Every SunTek window film is manufactured with quality and pride in the USA. Up-to-date colors and shades match the latest factory tints adding a stylish, sophisticated look to your car.

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TintCenter Window Films Logo TintCenter Our store brand identifies brand name quality window film at discounted prices. We private label the film with our own brand to lower the cost and pass the savings on to you.

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Other Brands ?Description
Sun-Gard Sun-Gard was one of the major brands until 1998 where it was sold to SolaMatrix and since then, the product releases have stopped and are no longer available.
V-Kool Huper Optik USA Smart films provide revolutionary technology in non-conventional window films, which were researched and developed in Germany.
Johnson Johnson Window Films is an innovative and respected name in the window film industry due to forty years in the industry.
Madico Madico was the first to develop the technology of vacuum deposition and has achieved more industry firsts than anyone else.
Llumar LLumar is manufacturered by CPFilms Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of window film. Llumar is the only manufacturer that makes all of its film components in-house. That ensures the best quality control.
Huper Optik Huper Optik USA Smart films provide revolutionary technology in non-conventional window films, which were researched and developed in Germany.
FormulaOne All FormulaOne tinting services carry a nationwide lifetime warranty on the materials and a satisfaction guarantee on our workmanship.

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